Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where has the day gone...

I haven't blogged in years. Most of the time, I think I don't have much to say and that no one cares :) I have a renewed interest in writing some stuff that I think about and want to save somewhere. I've changed jobs and worked on a couple of different things at Microsoft since Oslo. I'm going to start talking about my most recent job and work. I'm a developer manager now running a team of engineers that ship a bunch of management products for supporting Windows clients in the Enterprise. They include the products MBAM (Bitlocker management), AppV (application virtualization), and UEV (user environment virtualization). It's an awesome job and great team. I'll probably talk more about that as I go. In the mean time, I figure I would wax on about how time flies. "Where has the day gone?". That's a funny saying in my family. Back when my mother-in-law was alive, one day, we were outside enjoying the sunset. She was busy "fixing herself" looking inside of her shirt, and made the statement "where has the day gone". We thought she was looking for it inside her shirt. In summary - it's been awhile world. But maybe it's time for a sunrise and a renewed commitment to blogging :)

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