Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm at PDC with a great team, in a nice place, at a great hotel (I love the beds at Westin).


I was watching Louis CK last night (shh - don't tell me wife. She wouldn't like him).


It dawned on me that I have "Louis". My "Louis" is just like the CK version. He is super bright, magnanimous, and serious yet funny in the same way.


He says what he thinks, which I love. If there's one thing that kills a team culture, it is ulterior motives or backdoor communications. If "Louis" has them, you either would not know, or agree that he's right.


That's one reason I love my team. We say what we think. No one is offended. Everyone wants to do the right thing. And we all just get along.


And that's "Louis". He's also able to inspire millions, mentor our team, and make a huge impact/influence on our technologies. Yet he (and us with him) have so much fun doing it.