Thursday, October 30, 2008

wonder twin powers activate

I'm a superhero fan. Not really into reading the comics, but definitely watching the Saturday morning cartoons :)


I keep gloating over my team. They are awesome. Well we have a couple of folks that I'll call the Wonder Twins, aka, Zan and Jayna (btw - I did not knew their name before today). Individually, each is an awesome person with great talents. Put them together, and BAM, watch out. They have an amazing multiplier greater than 1+1. I enjoy watching them work. I am often jealous.


Having wonder twins is wonder-ful. We have a hard problem, wonder twin powers activate. We need some new bits as soon as possible, wonder twin powers activate.


In all seriousness, Zan and Jayna are good friends, and great team members. Yet another reason I love my team!