Monday, October 27, 2008

"the brain"

If I'm pinky, then I'm sure everyone is asking, "where's the brain?"

Microsoft has lots of brains. They're all probably trying to take over the world. Or trying to explain the brain to us mere mortals.

But pure intelligence does not bring about revolution. Most of the time brain people are over confident, arrogant, and un-influential (except to threaten to hurt the Pinky).

My brain is different. "Brain" is very smart. He has answers to just about anything. And he's usually right... usually :). But the thing that differentiates my "Brain", and that makes my team so awesome, is that "Brain" is a nice person. "Brain" will listen intently on what you have to say, explain what you don't understand, and do it again if needed. "Brain" empathizes, cares about people, and helps everyone on the team. Brain is taking over the world 1 person at a time.

"Brain" is one of the reasons I love my team.